Hi, I’m James Marwood. I’m a management consultant based in London. Welcome to my place on the internet 😃

A portrait shot of the author, on a beach in winter


My main job is at a Head of Transformation and Change at fantastic boutique consultancy called Alchemmy1The views here are my own however.. I work in Transformation, Business Change, Organisational Design and related disciplines. I’m really proud of the team I work with, and of the work we do. If you’d like to know more about this then please do drop me a line.

Other Projects

I am (As cheesy as it sounds) passionate about helping people grow and improve, especially in relation to business, work and generally getting more out of life. I’ve been fortunate in the people who have helped me, and I’m a big believer in paying it forward. I do that through mentoring and coaching, through writing (here, in my occasional newsletter, and elsewhere), through videos and podcasts and by speaking at events. 

I also have a few other side projects:

  • I am a co-presenter on the Perfect Gentleman podcast, with my good friend Zach. We’re just back from hiatus, so it’s a good time to dive in. On hiatus again, probably permanently. Sorry.
  • I have a bit of a history of depression and anxiety. I wasted far too much time before I sought help but that has left with a deep appreciation for Stoicism. It’s honestly a little like a cheat code for life. I’m also doing much better now, thanks.
  • I am a keen martial artist, as time permits, training in MMA, boxing and Bartitsu. I also have a strong interest in historical European arts and maintain an archive of historical resources here.
  • From time to time I write things that don’t really fit with the theme of this blog. I tend to collect those here.
  • As an unashamed geek (or is it nerd?) I have a number of side hobbies including tech, D&D, gaming and cooking.
  • I’m a Freemason, and a member of The Border Lodge 2475.
  • I’m only slightly obsessed with menswear and tailoring. I consider myself an iGent in recovery.

Speaking Softly?

I have worked in dozens of companies over the past 20-plus years, consulting on three continents. As part of this I have worked with some amazingly talented and impressive people. Once thing that most had in common and which correlated with their impact and effectiveness was their quiet professionalism backed up by their notable competence in multiple disciplines. That’s what I try to both emulate and impart. In this I take inspiration from Teddy Roosevelt’s Big Stick Ideology. If you have the big stick of expertise and can apply it diligently, you have more impact by speaking softly.

Why the White Rabbit?

It’s always been an image that speaks to me, mainly because of:


And also this amazing image I love, which I use probably far too much on this site.

Photo by Andy Brunner on Unsplash

Don’t I Know You From…

It’s possible. I’ve had a fair few projects over the years, outside of work. Teaching Bartitsu and Self Defence. Ejecting unruly types from pubs, clubs concerts and footie matches. Writing about menswear and style. Been on the telly a few times. There’s a small sample of some previous writing here.

Get in Touch

For short messages you can reach me on Twitter (@marwoodchap) and for longer ones via hello@speakingsoftly.com. I do get a lot of email so I’m not always able to reply. If you reply to my newsletter I’m much more likely to respond however. You can also find me on LinkedIn, if you can bear it.